With over 60 years of construction industry experience, D.R. Poulin is uniquely positioned to offer customers unmatched construction management service.

Our comprehensive oversight of your next construction project can include:

Quality management  
Construction projects often involve a wide variety of contractors and subcontractors. We’ll ensure that everyone is providing quality work and materials as specified.

Cost management  
Our construction industry experience and knowledge of budgetary best practices enables us to stay on top of costs and avoid unexpected complications or issues for our customers.

Safety management  
Safety is always first at D.R. Poulin. We’ll identify and eliminate potential hazards wherever possible to maintain the safety of everyone while minimizing risk and liability on the job site.

Contract administration  
We’ll ensure that every provision of your contract is being met and that all parties involved are satisfied, keeping all parties well informed throughout the whole project, including you, the customer, as well as the architect and any contractor or subcontractors involved.

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Commercial, industrial, institutional, and recreational buildings are subjected to hard use and often need work to maintain safety and functionality. We can repair and restore damaged walls, ceilings, floors, windows and roofs to keep your building looking good and functioning properly.

The Metal Building Advantage

Pre-engineered steel buildings are precision-manufactured in a controlled environment that prevents moisture, heat, and cold from negatively impacting construction. Modern prefab steel buildings are high quality and aesthetically-appealing for a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional and recreational uses.

Quality pre-engineered steel buildings from a leading manufacturer such as Kirby® provide:

  • shorter construction time
  • reduced site disruption
  • unmatched durability
  • flexibility and versatility
  • financial savings
  • shorter construction time
  • reduced site disruption
  • unmatched durability
  • flexibility and versatility
  • financial savings
construction site!

While your steel building is being constructed off site, you can be saving time and money preparing the construction site for delivery and installation. Once your new prefab steel building is on-site, the architectural details and exterior siding can be added for that custom look.

Save time, money, and worry on your next construction project by letting D.R. Poulin manage it. For more information, call Sean Pepper at 978-353-6740 or email us.

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