Finding the Best Commercial Contractor Just Got Easier

Envisioning your next building project is always fresh and exciting, but finding the right commercial contractor to make your vision real can be the most difficult part of the process. Contractors’ certifications and skills largely depend on their background and expertise, which can make the search more difficult than it needs to be. To make your search simpler, quicker, and better overall, use these five steps to find the right contractor for you.

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1. Explore Their Range of Services

In today’s competitive market, many contractors do more than just build structures. They may offer other required services needed to get the project done successfully. Having a one-stop-shop experience can spare you much of the stress and hassle that comes with communicating with multiple teams at once.

For example, at D.R. Poulin Construction, we provide several offerings, including design and building services. If you have a specific vision for the interior and exterior of your structure, you can meet with our design team and see cutting-edge technology bring your ideas to life.

From there, we provide a comprehensive service that includes all permit requirements, site preparation, regulation approvals, engineering, and finally the construction itself.

Working with a single contractor can save you precious time, resources, and dollars, and you can devote your time to focusing on what’s most important to you.

2. Check Their References and Portfolio

A great way to see if a contractor’s skill set and style align with your vision is to go online and view their portfolio. Naturally, you want your facility to reflect your character and have the atmosphere you desire, so seek examples that match those qualities.

If possible, visit a facility they have previously made and speak with the owners to learn about the experience and relationship they cultivated with the contractor. You can learn a lot about a contractor by speaking with previous or current clients.

3. What is Their Safety Record?

Having a stunning building that reflects the character and quality you desire can be marred by a construction process that was riddled with safety concerns. Your safety and the safety of your clients should be one of the top priorities for your contractor.

Working with the right contractor with a reputable safety record will ensure a smooth process for you and protect your overall interests as a building owner.

4. How Do They Manage Their Time and Budget?

Everyone knows that a simple misstep in any endeavor can be costly. A construction project should work seamlessly, and this is done only by having experienced industry professionals and a carefully developed system.

With D.R. Poulin Construction, your team’s supervisors are all OSHA certified with a staff of certified CAD designers who adhere to our time-honored process that ensures each construction project avoids unexpected complications or issues for our clients.

5. Get to Know The Team

While the perfect building is the final product, the process to get there is filled with time and close communication with the project’s team. Having the right team of individuals can be the difference between a pleasant experience and a dreadful grind that cannot be over too soon.

You deserve a team that will be involved in every stage of the process, allowing a strong, trusting relationship to build. Even if a contractor checks the boxes of safety, budget, and knowledge, the entire experience can be soured if you cannot trust the people building your vision.

Over 60 Years of Service!

For over 60 years, we at D.R. Poulin Construction have devoted our lives to state-of-the-art craftsmanship and award-winning service to our clients. We strive to make the construction process seamless and enjoyable. If you need the right commercial contractor to bring your vision to life, contact us today. Our team of specialists are happy to answer your questions and get you started today!

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