Horse Riding Arena

Horse Riding ArenaAlthough a horse riding arena seems like a highly specialized type of construction, it may be surprising to learn that the equestrian community can benefit from a pre-engineered steel building that is well-suited to the particular needs of horse owners and riding facility managers.

A horse riding arena pre-engineered and modularly-constructed in a controlled indoor environment before being assembled on-site offers a number of advantages over traditional stick-built construction, including:

  • Faster, more cost-efficient construction
  • Easier, lower-cost maintenance
  • Large, unobstructed and safe riding and training space
  • Lower insurance costs because of reduced fire risk

Unlike traditional construction materials such as pressure-treated lumber, steel’s remarkable strength and versatility enable clear span construction without regularly-spaced load-bearing walls or columns that can obstruct views. This is ideal for a horse riding arena that must accommodate spectators and for owners or managers who would prefer more flexibility in how the space is used.

A customizable pre-engineered steel horse riding arena enables you to create specialized interior spaces to meet your specific needs, including feed storage, stalls, aisles, tack storage and spaces for recreational riding, dressage, and training. Steel is rust and corrosion resistant, can be easily painted if desired, and stands up well to wind, snow and driving rain. A properly-erected pre-engineered steel horse riding arena can remain standing and in good repair for 20-30 years or even longer, without maintenance or painting.

Horses are a significant investment that should be protected in the best facilities possible to ensure their health and safety. A pre-engineered steel arena is the logical choice for a long-lasting, weatherproof, reliable structure. To learn more about a steel horse arena to protect your equine investment and to get a free estimate, contact the steel building specialists here at D.R. Poulin Construction.