Unlocking the Potential: Designing and Constructing Custom Recreational Metal Buildings

Recreation plays a vital role in enhancing our quality of life and building our community, and recreational spaces provide us with areas for leisure, sports, and community activities. As with other industries, there has been a growing trend towards designing and constructing metal buildings for recreational uses. These structures offer several benefits to you such as durability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Whether it’s a gymnastics studio, school gymnasium, hockey rink, soccer complex, or horse arena, D.R. Poulin Construction has the experience and expertise to meet all of your recreational construction needs, and we’re excited to highlight the key advantages and possibilities with you.

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The Advantages of Metal Recreational Buildings


Metal buildings have gained wild popularity in the recreational community because they provide you with immediate benefits like the following:

  • Financial Savings. Metal construction materials are often more affordable compared to traditional materials like brick and wood. Plus, the buildings are pre-engineered and manufactured offsite, greatly cutting construction time, lowering maintenance costs, and keeping more dollars in your pocket.
  • Flexibility. Your metal recreation building can be designed and customized to suit your purposes such as a sports arena, gymnasium, indoor swimming pool, community center, and more. Its flexible design also allows for easy expansion or modification if your needs change in the future. Metal buildings are not only flexible with their purposes but also with their aesthetics. With your structure, you can incorporate materials such as metal panels, glass, or even living walls, to match your vision.
  • Strength. Prefab metal structures are known for their durability and can easily remain in top shape for several decades with simple maintenance and upkeep. They can withstand years of harsh conditions, including extreme heat and cold, heavy rain and snow, and strong winds.
  • Building Green. Sustainability is a must. Metal buildings are a clear eco-friendly choice. They are usually 30% lighter, requiring less foundation concrete. Our coated metal roofing has a useful life of more than 40 years, which keeps replacement roofing out of landfills. Our buildings are custom engineered, so there is minimal scrap and waste material and have the ability to harvest rainwater.
  • Advanced Design. When constructing your building, we use state-of-the-art computer-aided-design technology to provide you with accurate building plans and highly-realistic renderings. This makes it easy to visualize exactly what your metal building will look like and will provide you with more control in the design process. We can even provide you with a virtual reality tour so you can truly experience it.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity. A recreational building is a space for a community to come together, and we know the importance of ensuring your structure is accessible to all members of your community. We can seamlessly include features like ramps, handrails, accessible entrances, and appropriate signage for an inclusive recreational environment.

We’re Here To Help!

With their durability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and potential for creativity, these structures offer an exciting opportunity to create vibrant spaces that cater to the recreational needs of communities. If you are looking to have a recreational building created in your own community, contact us today. Our specialists at D.R. Poulin Construction are happy to answer your questions!

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