Your Hard-Use Metal Building Needs Regular Inspections

Metal buildings come with several benefits, which is why so many business owners are choosing prefabricated metal buildings for their businesses. Metal buildings are affordable, versatile, and they have the greatest durability compared to other building materials. In addition to these great qualities, hard-use metal buildings, such as industrial facilities or agricultural buildings, require simple, regular inspections and maintenance to ensure they provide you with decades of dependable service.

Regular inspections are essential for hard-use metal buildings, and here are some steps to keep in mind:

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1. Ensure The Exterior is Clean

After your metal building has been assembled, it is important to inspect the exterior and ensure that no materials, like ladders, tools, or anything metal, are touching or leaning on the building. These items should be stored away so that the metals don’t potentially stain or harm the surface.

If you are able, check the roof. If any drill holes were bored during the assembly of your building, there can be metal shavings left behind. These shavings have a raw surface which can lead to rust on the roof.

It is also encouraged to wash your building at least once a year. Removing dirt, soot, or organic matter that has accumulated on the surfaces can preserve the appearance of your building and prevent the cladding from becoming blemished or stained. A good wash will also keep fungus or other undesirable microbes from growing. Simply clean the exterior with a good power washer.

2. Identify Imperfections

Even the most durable materials in the world can eventually succumb to natural elements like rain, cold, heat, sun rays, and animals. Regular inspections can help identify early signs of damage such as cracks, dents, or corrosion. Identifying these issues early on can prevent them from worsening and potentially causing more serious damage.

If your metal building is insulated, be sure there is no evidence of damage, moisture, or exposure to outside elements. Animals, like birds or rodents, may find gaps and build nests. These nests can create openings to the outside and expose the building’s interior and the insulation. Regular inspections will save you from possible stress down the line.

3. Ensure Safety

Hard-use metal buildings often house heavy equipment, machinery, or livestock, making safety a top priority. Regular inspections can identify safety hazards such as loose bolts, damaged flooring, or electrical issues, which can pose a risk to occupants.

Replace any missing screws and tighten those that may have become loosened. Weather changes and temperature fluctuations can naturally loosen screws in metal buildings, which could create gaps that open the structure to outdoor elements.

Finally, examine your building’s surroundings. Has the ground settled anywhere around the foundation? Are there any trees growing near the structure? Are there branches that could fall on the roof, or are the root structures getting too close to the foundation? Metal building issues are usually due to external elements and not the durability of the building itself.

4. Compliance

Some industries require regular inspections to comply with safety regulations or insurance requirements. Failing to conduct regular inspections can result in fines or loss of insurance coverage. If you are unsure about any safety regulations or codes that may be required, check immediately to ensure you are in compliance with local laws and requirements.

5. Peace of Mind

Regular inspections can provide peace of mind, knowing that your hard-use metal building is in good condition and safe for occupants and equipment. Conducting inspections and preventative maintenance reduces your year-to-year costs by addressing issues as they arise and when they are simple to fix.

Regular Inspections

Overall, regular inspections are crucial for maintaining the integrity of hard-use metal buildings. It is recommended to have a maintenance schedule and to address any issues promptly to prevent damage or safety hazards. If you have been considering owning a hard-use metal building for your business, contact us today. Our specialists here at D.R. Poulin Construction are happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started today!

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