Choosing the Right Location for Your Commercial Construction Project

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when choosing the right location for your commercial construction project. Every business has different needs, and almost any area you choose will have advantages and disadvantages. However, you can find the perfect spot for your new building by defining your priorities and selecting a location that ultimately meets them. Here are some of the top considerations when choosing a location for your business:

Pittsville, WI: Cold Storage Warehouse Distribution Facility

Topographical Features

The topographical features of the area should be evaluated before making a decision. Could natural features like hills, trees, or bodies of water impede construction? While these features may not make or break a construction project, you’ll want to be adequately prepared to mitigate any challenges caused by topographical features if they arise.


Environmental Factors

Another consideration should be environmental factors that could come into play. When building next to a river, pond, or other body of water, does this body of water pose a flooding hazard? Will the property be exposed to high levels of wind that could cause damage to structures?  

Building Codes

Another crucial step is to familiarize yourself with the building codes when you’re looking to build. Do you face building regulations preventing you from building your construction project, or are there specific limitations on features like floors, walls, or building materials? Understanding the building codes before construction begins can save you both time and money in the long run.


Brand and Logistics Considerations

Finally, consider how your new building will fit into your business. Will it be easy for customers and employees to get to? How far away is it from essential resources like power lines or utilities? Is there enough parking space, so customers don’t have difficulty accessing the property? Also, consider whether the planned location is attractive to your customers. Choosing a location with these factors in mind can help ensure your business is booming in its new location.  

Setting Your Priorities

There’s no right or wrong place to build a business since every firm has different needs. However, it can be overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with scouting for business locations. By establishing your priorities and choosing a location that meets them, narrowing your options becomes much more straightforward. With over 60 years of construction experience, D.R. Poulin Construction offers the perfect combination of site selection and expertise to ensure your project is built with quality, schedule, and budget in mind. Contact us to get started on your next build today.

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