How can a Recreational Building Contractor Help Manage Your Next Project?
If you’re considering having a recreational building constructed, it’s important to pay special attention to selecting a contractor. Recreational facilities require special features that can often make traditional construction methods very costly to use. Putting up recreational buildings requires special considerations that must be taken into account during the planning stage or they can quickly result in additional work and budget overruns. That’s why D.R. Poulin Construction offers complete flexibility for your recreational building needs with both stick-built construction and pre-engineered steel buildings.
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Recreational building contractors need to be well-versed in constructing a facility that is safe, secure and meets all building codes and regulations for athletic activities and events that are typically held in a recreational building. In some cases there are unique local, state, or federal regulations that many residential contractors are simply unaware of and that can cause significant compliance issues resulting in unnecessary additional expense and delays. 

As a recreational building contractor, D.R. Poulin Construction specializes in and has extensive experience with designing and building recreational-use buildings. Any type of activity, from gymnastics to basketball and even roller-skating can be accommodated easily using our proven building solutions as a recreational building specialist. Whatever your needs, we are able to design, build, and manage your project to your exact specifications, from the ground up, saving you time and money. Our team is highly experienced and respected — most of our subcontractors have been working with us for a decade or more and are considered a vital and valuable part of our team.  

Regardless of the type of recreational facility you’re considering, our proven process as an experienced recreational building contractor is to fully understand your needs and then collaborate closely with you and your team to deliver a successful project that exceeds your expectations.

In recent years our projects have included rock climbing gyms in Watertown, Worcester, Hadley and Framingham, as well as an afterschool/gymnastics facility for a local YMCA. 

Our fully-integrated, turn-key, design-and-build services streamline the entire recreational building concept-and-construction process to provide high-quality, fully-operational recreational buildings quickly and cost-effectively. To learn more about our services, give us a call or email us today.


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